When Ella Eddy first heard that there was an Epipen station on the market that was being installed in public places and that it had already saved a life in New Brunswick, she and her parents immediately thought about the importance of having one in her school.

At the time, Ella was attending Dr. John C Wickwire Academy. Luckily the school administration was willing to be the first school in Nova Scotia to install one of the stations with the Parents of Wickwire paying for one adult and one junior Epi pen to be placed in the station which Ella Eddy purchased with money she had saved. The school will also have an adult and child dose for Mr. Leuschner’s backpack to be taken on hikes and for any outdoor learning activities.

Life threatening allergic reactions are not just a concern for those allergic to nuts and peanuts as Ella is. They are a concern for anyone. Allergic reactions can happen at any time and being prepared insures the safety of those not yet aware of their allergies. (For example, someone may be allergic to bees or wasps and not even know it. They are much safer with this new station at the school.)

Automatic defibrillators are now in most public spaces where large groups gather and we feel it won’t be long before Epi pen stations will be too. Congratulations Dr. John C Wickwire Academy for taking this forward thinking first step!

Thanks especially to Kelly Dunfield and her company Be Ready Healthcare for creating these life saving stations!